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3D Printed Titanium Pinion Cranks

3D Printed Titanium Pinion Cranks

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** These cranks are only for the Pinion gearbox (they won’t fit any other bike) and they are a direct replacement for the aluminium cranks that come with the gearbox.**

3D printed from titanium they are lightweight and robust, saving around 170g on the standard aluminium cranks. We've recently updated the design of the cranks to work with the new SmartShift gearbox from Pinion. We even fit the cranks with a small magnet so you can still make use of all the new SmartShift features, like automatic shifting.

The Pinion gearbox has been around for years and is a great solution for many types of riding with it’s extended gear range, low maintenance and centralised weight. We love them here, but there are some drawbacks – the first is the shifter, which Pinion have solved with their new wireless trigger shifter, the second is the overall system weight, which we can help with..

Our cranks are 3D Printed (with lasers) and are available as standard in 165mm / 170mm or 175mm lengths – but, because of how we make them we can also make cranks with custom lengths and Q-factors for a small extra charge (168.54mm fat cranks, anyone?)

The cranks weigh around 280g per pair, saving over 170g on the original aluminium cranks. We've got a small amount of stock, but after that, to begin with, we'll be making the cranks to order, so it will take around 4 weeks from order to delivery.


* 3D printed titanium

* Standard lengths 165, 170, 175mm, custom length/width available

* Weight: 280g per pair (saving around 170g)

* 5 year warranty

* All cranks work with the SmartShift gearbox and come fitted with a magnet in the non-deive side arm, to utilise the full scope of SmartShift functions

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