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Carbon Wasp

Carbon Fibre Pinion Cranks

Carbon Fibre Pinion Cranks

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Come on, someone had to do it.. carbon fibre cranks for the Pinion gearbox.

We’ve been developing these for over two years and we’re finally ready to release them. Handmade in our workshop in Yorkshire, available in 165mm, 170mm or 175mm lengths to fit the standard Pinion axle. Weight is around 300g, saving one third of the weight of the original metal cranks (saves 150g).

The cranks attach using the Pinion axle bolt, in the usual way, but they are clamped in position by an expanding wedge inside the crank arms, so you don’t have to crush your beautiful and expensive carbon fibre with a nasty pinch bolt.

We’re currently making them to order, so delivery time will be around two weeks.

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