Yorkshire, United Kingdom - 12th December 2022

Great news! The new UCI regulation changes mean that we no longer have to split our Gold medal winning aero bars up into “UCI compliant” and “Non-UCI Compliant” options. Due to changes being implemented on the 1st of January 2023 we’ll only be manufacturing the fastest, most comfortable version of these bars - and you’ll be able to compete on them in UCI sanctioned events.

The premise of the new aero bars remains as was, infinite adjustability to allow for a more aero-optimised riding position and a supportive bar and arm rest shape to increase comfort on the bike. The new system, however, allows for even more rider position flexibility and now includes space for a SRAM blip box within the bars themselves as well as easier cable management for other systems. The design has consideration for the three new rider height categories of regulation built in (formerly the “10cm rule”). Each order comes with the option of choosing either “L” or “U” shaped arm rests and mounts for all major head units.

It’s important to us at Carbon Wasp to stay ahead of the curve. It’s been a few months since the UCI published their new equipment regulations and we’ve spent that time refining our fastest and most comfortable bars for 2023. We’re super excited that all riders can now benefit from our research and development.

As with all of Carbon Wasp’s components, these bars are handmade in Yorkshire. The 2023 Aero Bars are available now,just click here!

Key Specifications;

  • Angle from horizontal (infinitely) adjustable from 0 - 30deg 

  • Length: adjustable from 280mm - 374mm (from rear base bar bolt hole to end of tips) – or longer with an adapter plate

  • Angle from centreline (toe-in) adjustable from parallel to tips touching 

  • Arm rests: two positions (or custom drill to fine tune)

  • Tips compatible with Shimano/SRAM shifters with internal cable routing and space inside for junction box/SRAM Blip Box

  • 2 arm rest options, ‘U’ shaped or ‘L’ shaped

  • Garmin/Wahoo mount

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