Carbon fibre bike frame repairs
As well as creating new carbon parts we can repair and restore older ones. Because of our design and moulding capacity we specialise in repairing frames that other repair companies are not able (or willing) to fix. We have experience of repairing many types of frames and components, from World Tour road frames to full suspension mountain bikes. We can usually repair a frame to perform as well as the original designer intended.
A full suspension mountain bike frame we recently repaired for a customer after some other companies were unable to help.
We usually use a wet lay up technique with a room temperature curing resin (to avoid putting heat through the frame required by pre-preg) with either woven or UD fabric as the application suits.
A World Tour road frame we recently repaired after a crash.
Our standard frame repair costs £100 plus postage and does not include respraying the frame. If you have a carbon fibre frame in need of a repair, contact us for more details of the cost and timescales.
Contact us for a quote if you have a carbon fibre frame in need of repair.