Product Development and Prototyping
We can create functional prototype parts from your ideas, however vague. We already work with some well known brands to help their development and protoyping and we can do the same for any or all of the stages of your project. We can:
  • Help take initial ideas or specifications and develop them into working designs
  • Take your product designs and develop them into a 3D CAD model
  • Use a 3D CAD model to design and create moulds for use in composite fabrication
  • Use moulds to create functional carbon fibre parts
We can assist with any or all stages of prototyping, from producing plastic models to functional parts.
Obviously the requirements of each project will vary and so will the cost. As you might expect, product development does not come cheaply, however we have developed an efficient process of making one-off parts which can mean our costs can be surprisingly low for one-offs or low quantities.
We can keep our costs even lower if you are able to do some of the work, for example by providing us with a 3D CAD model of your part, or if you only need us to do the design stages.
Some prototype linkage plates produced using pre-preg carbon fibre.
We also have access to more traditional fabricaton methods including CNC machining and water/laser profiling and welding if your project requires it.
If you have a specific component or frame in mind, get in touch to discuss the options.
We can also produce metal parts in low volumes should your project require it.