Custom Made Carbon Fibre Parts
We can assist with any part or all of a custom project you have, including:
  • Formulating initial ideas to develop working designs
  • CAD modelling to produce a conceptual part
  • Manufacturing moulds
  • Fabricating carbon parts
We employ various production methods to make custom parts, including in-house 3D printing in a range of plastics.
We can work from start to finish to make a functional part from your initial idea, or we can fill in the gaps where you already have the ability to take the project some of the way.
We can quickly create one-off moulds to make carbon parts.
We deploy many of the techniques described on this website in making custom carbon fibre parts. Our preferred techniques involve curing pre-preg fabric with inflation bladders (for closed shapes) or under a vacuum (for open shapes).
We also have access to more traditional fabrication methods including CNC machining and water/laser profiling and welding if your project requires it.
We also have access to more traditional means of producing parts, should your project require it. Pictured here are some aluminium inserts to mount dropouts to a frame.