Custom Handmade Carbon Fibre Bike Frames
We specialise in making custom, one-off bike frames. Whether it's a road or cyclocross frame, hardtail or full-suspension mountainbike frame, we can make it.
The starting point for any custom frame project is a full 3D CAD model.
Our custom frames are truly custom and can be made entirely to your specification, including your chosen suspension design, frame geometry and even tube profiles. We don’t start with a standard frame and adapt it to fit (although we can do to keep costs down) – we start with a fresh sheet of paper for every project.
Every frame is fully unique. We can customise geometry, tube shapes and tube profiles.
The cost of a custom frame depends on the amount of design work involved. As a guide, hardtail frames start from around £2,100, full-suspension frames from around £3,300 (with shock). Contact us to find out more if you have custom frame project in mind.
A finished custom 29er hardtail.